Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Siding,Soffit,Fascia and Eavestrough installation Toronto

How can you tell when eavestroughs need to be replaced?

The life of eavestroughs or gutters is about 20 years. Most of these older  eavestroughs are the old "Spike" or "Nail" type . Over this time the nails start to pull out and the the eaves sag in the middle areas of the longest runs and water is unable to flow through to downspouts. So they overflow over the edgles which can leak into your house and cause water damage.
Signs to recognize are 1) The fact that you have nails sticking out. 2)Leaking corners. 3) Water overflow marks along the eaves. Dark streaks and dirt stuck on the outside of the eaves.
Caulking corners on old eaves is really not the answer as the eaves have "Lost their slope" . Some people try to reslope eaves but  after moving them around then the corners caulking cracks  and they leak more .

The solution is to replace them with new seamless extruded eaves trough which are properly sloped and with brand new screwed in brackets that hold extremely well in all weather conditions with new caulking in corners.
Early spring is the best time to get this work done before April and May showers and summer rain storms.
Contact professionals like Gutter Force that specialize in this aluminum work. Check out www.gutterforce.com for more information,  call 416 809 2922 for a free estimate

Spring eavestrough ,soffit ,fascia and siding maintenance inspection

It’s time to have a spring  exterior home maintenance inspection.
Spring is here, which means it’s time for a thorough, semi-annual maintenance check of your home. Many of these simple tasks can add years to the life of your home and prevent major repair headaches. Invest a little time now and you’ll save thousands on repair bills and have more time to enjoy the summer.
Get started by inspecting the outside of your home for water leaks. Key areas include overhangs, awnings and exposed siding where snow and water might collect and cause materials to decay. Repair of replace any areas showing water damage. During the next storm, watch how the rain rolls off your roof and out your eavestrough. Be sure the water empties a good distance away from your foundation and flows away from your home.
Call Gutter Force at 416 809 2922 for a free estimate. www.gutterforce.com

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

90% of Basement leaks are caused by broken or blocked overflowing eavestroughs

Eavestrough Installers have been very lucky this year with very little snow and temperatures above zero Celsius. Actually Eavestrough installers can work in -20 degrees, as that is what our caulking maximum cold application specification is. People don't realize we are not roofers that require at least a couple of days of clear weather. Our Seamless eavestrough crews can be in and out in a half day on  an average house.
So February and March are the best months to do this work as there is very little precipitation to bother us and it gets the work done and in place for when the rain does come in April and May .

People tend to hibernate and do very little walking around their house at this time of the year. This is when they should be walking around and looking up at their eavestroughs to see if there are any signs of overflow(Dark muddy marks or overflow tracks, bits of leaves and dirt on the exterior of the eavestrough), Broken or loose elbows or joints, bent or bellowing eaves, Or broken and detached eavestroughs.
90%  of Basement leaks are caused by broken or  blocked   overflowing eavestroughs.

Once you see that you may have a problem it usually will need cleaning, repair or replacement.
Call a professional service provider like Gutter Force that specialises in Eavestroughs. Don't call roofers or handymen. They aren't the professionals in this area of expertise..

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